Our Process

Successful outcomes. The process of ensuring that clients can live at home safely and in the best state of health possible begins with careful planning. Here is an overview of the Home Health Care Plus approach to assessing your individual situation and arriving at a plan that will work for everyone involved.

Understanding the Individual

Every person needs to be understood within the context of their environment and personal history. They arrive at their level of care need in a way that is uniquely their own. Our Home Health Care Plus licensed, clinical professionals conduct an in-depth assessment of each individual's needs, preferences, strengths, support systems and resources in consultation with all concerned parties. Our professionals listen and learn before they respond with solutions and services. The input we receive enables us to understand all of the clinical and psychosocial factors that will influence the customization of the care plan.

Creating a Care Plan

Creating a Care Plan

When all input and information is collected and reviewed, your Home Health Care Plus team will present a recommended care plan that is built around the needs and requirements of the client and his or her support system. We will provide details of the caregiver, the schedule and timing, the frequency, intensity, and cost. This plan will be shared with and approved by all involved parties.

Adapting to changes

The circumstances surrounding a person's level of need may change suddenly or gradually. As they do, Home Health Care Plus will be there at any hour of the day or night to provide the level of care and support necessary, as well as to recommend appropriate and ongoing changes to the care plan.