Home Health Care Plus Home Care requires a two week deposit to start service for all private pay clients and 2 hr. minimum for service.  Home Health Care Plus bills every week for service and payment is expected either immediately or within 10 days of the billing date.

Deposit and/or Payment Options include the following:

Private Pay – We accept Cash, Checks, Electronic Payment, and even Wire Transfers

Home Health Care Plus Home Care has four primary type of caregivers able to provide care within our region, as follows:

I. Companions


Our Home Care Companions are called in to do just that - be a companion to an individual. Companions can do basic light duties including some transportation, errands, sitting service, obtain beverages, prepare a light meal etc. No housekeeping or personal care is performed.

II. Home Health Aides (HHA's)


Home Health Care Aides are more commonly used in cases. They are more experienced Caregivers - often times with more than 5 - 10 yrs experience but have not taken the Nurse Aide State Exam (on the job training only). They can and will do everything a Companion can do. In addition, they can assist with standby ambulation, light housekeeping, med reminders, etc.

III. Certified Nursing Aides (CNA)

$20 to $22/Hr

CNA's do the bulk of the personal care required by clients along with everything a Companion or HHA can do. Home Health Care Plus office staff can discuss more in detail exactly what a CNA can do as outlined by strict Department of Health requirement. However, any "Personal" or "Hands On" care must be performed by a CNA by state law. Our range of pricing is contingent upon initial client evaluations and the level of care needed.

IV. 24/7 or Live-In Caregivers

Please inquire about our 24/7 Care Packages (usually two 12 hr shift caregivers each day) or our Live-In (caregiver must be able to sleep/rest at the house during a 24 hr time period) Packages. Our Home Care staff will be able to explain legally, logistic, and financial cost for both.

Please note that both interest and late penalties are assessed to individuals not paying on time. Home Health Care Plus requires that 10 day notice be given, to the office, to either end or change the working hours for a caregiver. Please be sure to contact the office as soon as either situation arises. In addition, Home Health Care Plus may also request additional deposit (than the original 2 weeks) if hours for the case have changed during the course of care.

*Note all pricing shown above are subject to change w/out notice and is only to be used as a guide. Rates can be lower or higher than this for any particular client as decided by Home Health Care Plus management.